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What are my Van's service intervals?

Van service intervals are determined by Mercedes-Benz ASSYST

Intelligent and innovative, Mercedes-Benz ASSYST alerts you when your van needs servicing. The system measures variables like oil quantity & quality, engine load, temperature and speed to determine the optimum time to service the vehicle. When a lubrication service is required, a single spanner lights up on the dashboard. When the van requires a maintenance service, two spanners light up.

Individual van's service intervals depend on how each van is driven

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz ASSYST, you’ll never over or under service your van again. Your vehicle knows when it needs a service to maintain optimal performance, which depends on a number of variables - your driving style, the type of roads you travel on.

For a full and accurate list of the parts that should be included in your next service, you can access the Electronic Service Sheet for your vehicle. Simply select your model, enter the registration date and download your Service Sheet.



Pay Monthly

The Mercedes-Benz Service Plan allows you to spread the cost of up to 6 services without entering into a credit agreement. It's a cost effective way to stabilise your cash flow while ensuring your van is maintained to the highest of standards by expert technicians, fitting only Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • Pay by Direct Debit and spread the cost of essential vehicle maintenance without extending your companies credit lines, or pay up front - it's up to you.
  • Save money - paying for your services in this way will be slightly cheaper than booking them individually.
  • Fix your costs and protect your business against increased labour rates, parts prices and inflation.
  • Available on any Mercedes-Benz Van of any age.


Whats included in your next service?

Answer four very simple questions and the Mercedes-Benz Electronic Service Sheet Lite will let you know what should be included in your next service, with the information on all the parts required.

*This ESS Lite guide is intended purely for information purposes. Any service content detailed in this website may vary depending on the type of use and driving style.

Store your service history online:

Our digital service book replaces the conventional maintenance book allows all Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealers to acurtely and securely document the details of your van's service and access its service history anywhere in the world. For more information contact us.

Qualifying models:

  • Citan (415): Since launch.
  • Sprinter (609) Since October 2012 production.
  • Vito (639) Since October 2012 production.
*Excludes all petrol and V6 (690) diesel variants. Prices are subjct to VAT at the prevailing rate. Contact us for details.

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