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Fuel Challenger Actros

Let us show you what fuel saving looks like. We would like to provide you with a new Actros StreamSpace tractor unit for a two week challenge during which time we will measure the fuel consumption of the vehicle. We will also ask that we can compare the fuel consumption of one of your current vehicles working on the same routes and loads as the Fuel Challenger vehicle by fitting it with FleetBoard telematics. There is no cost associated to this. A measurement of fuel in miles per gallon or litres per 100km means so much more when compared to existing vehicles in your own fleet, engaged on the same work.

At the end of the trial period we hope that the Actros will have demonstrated many of its qualities – the high levels of comfort for the driver, the assured handling, and above all, the highest levels of efficiency in operation – all leading towards the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership for your business.


Fuel Saving Expert

Orwell Truck & Van are dedicated to helping our customers save money and getting the most out of their vehicles. That’s why we have a dedicated fuel saving expert, who will visit you and explain what the vehicle’s FleetBoard telematics are telling you. Using the telematics our Fuel Saving Expert can offer additional driver/operator training to improve economy.

Our driver trainer can also assist you in getting the best out of the vehicles other features such as PredictIve Powertrain Control (PPC).

As our Fuel Saving Expert tours East Anglia visiting customers we will publish the data proving that making just a few adjustments to driving style and utilising the Mercedes-Benz Actros’s Eco features can save you £££’S.

Contact your local branch for more information on Fuel Saver Demonstrators or Driver Training. 

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